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A Salon experience in a private relaxed, atmosphere

Regain control, relax, and learn what pieces are best suited for you.

Read How
Georgios 635 Salon
Has Impacted Clients

At Georgios 635 Salon, our sole focus is to deliver complete client satisfaction. Take a look at what our satisfied clients have to say about our services. 

Life Changing

“You have changed my mother's life!”




Beautiful Wigs

“Brenda Moffat, you are so wonderful. Your ethic is top notch, your positive energy is full and radiant, and your talent is very fresh and inspiring. The work you do with the Cancer Society and the Look Good-Feel Better Cancer Program is very commendable. I thank you for helping other women (and men) find their self-esteem and their confidence- especially those that are unable to grow hair. Your wigs are beautiful!”




Amazing Job

“Brenda did an amazing job on my hair for my wedding. I couldn't have found a better stylist and I am so lucky to have her… she puts all of her heart and soul into a perfect job. I have been going to her for 7 years now and I would follow her anywhere in the city.”

–Melissa V.




Top Notch

“Brenda is truly top notch… I asked for a style that said “I'm professional, snazzy, and single,” and she delivered. Brenda is really big on not over-processing hair. She deserves a standing ovation for what she had to go through on my hair. If you have “stubborn, Asian hair” or “stubborn, (any ethnicity) hair,” you have to see Brenda. She won't give up until she gets the perfect look for you (and becomes best friends with your hair). If you have normal hair, she'll do magic with your hair. If you are losing your hair, she will work with you to get the right hair pieces for you.”

–Rhona-Mae A.




Exceptionally Skilled

“I booked my first hair appointment with Brenda Moffat in February 2011, on the recommendation of a friend who knew I was looking for both a good hairdresser and a wig specialist. What a great find Brenda was indeed as she is exceptionally skilled in both areas.


I have very fine hair and took to wearing wigs three years ago after experiencing some bouts of non-malignant skin cancer on my scalp. At that time I had limited success in obtaining decent looking wigs in Calgary and found better quality and fit when I travelled to the United States. However, being a petite person I usually require that wigs be cut to fit my face for a natural look and I could not find anyone in Calgary with this skill until I found Brenda. She carries an extensive line of good quality wigs and is exceptionally knowledgeable about wigs and the importance of getting the right style, colour, and fit for each person. She worked tirelessly with me to get the wig that was right for me. Now, almost every time I go out someone compliments me on my hairstyle, the colour, and how well it suits me. Sometimes I have told people that I’m wearing a wig and they do not believe it. Brenda has also enabled me to use my older wigs by cutting and restyling them in proportion to my face.


Brenda is a very talented hairdresser and wig specialist but what impresses me most is her honesty and dedication to her clients. She treats you like her friend, always has time for you and never makes you feel rushed. She truly cares about people and makes every effort to ensure you are happy with her service.”

–B. McDonald

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